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Founders are great at getting stuff done. Most learn how to delegate and make sure stuff gets done. But to be a Scaling CEO, Founders need to make a much bigger transition: from struggle to make the transition from Founder to Leader. Some are all vision with little to no management capabilities, while others lack the right communication skills or don’t know how to let go.

The flip-side of the previous challenge: if you do need to bring in senior talent, it’s challenging to find the right people who can integrate into your culture and organization. But without them you may not have the expertise, experience and leadership your company needs to reach the next level.

Start-ups and smaller companies are built by dedicated functional heads, who are great at running their departments. Unfortunately, they often struggle to grow into the C-Suite execs you need as your company grows, leaving you a dilemma: stick with them and endure the drawbacks and limitations, or hire someone above them and risk losing them.

For your organization to scale, every level within your org has to be able to operate to a high level of accountability. So it’s crucial that your mangers to understand what accountability really is and how to cultivate it in their teams.

Organizational silos are a bit like early-onset arthritis: a disease that we think only afflicts old companies, but which actually sets in much sooner than you’d think. Maintaining truly effective cross-functional collaboration is one of the hardest challenges for scale-ups – but also one of the most important to overcome.

High-performing teams are the foundation of organizational performance – and your top team is the most important of all. High-growth companies need to ensure their top team is super tightly aligned and working well together on the company’s biggest issues. Otherwise, there will be problems lower down the org and farther down the road.